Monday, August 7, 2017

Sub Floor

You gotta stand on something to build a wall. The floor is still sand and needs to be filled in and raised by 2 bag rows. Half of that was done today, along with cleaning 4 trash bags worth of building debris out of the main dome. I won't be building every day anymore for the next few months. It's time to wrap up this phase of intense building. I figure there is 2-3 days of stucco and then the door needs to go on. Then another day or two of finishing stucco and some stucco on the main dome entrance, Hopefully this will be completed soon. After that, the project will shift to exterior patio and walkway slabs.


Marble Country

The following 4 images are out of chronological order. 
Many images in this blog are but in this case its obvious.

Channeling my inner Heeeere's Johnny!
Pulled out the compass today, no more toe stubbing
Do not use this picture.... okay....
First drops of a summer rain. XD
Sub Floor poured & leveled by Raquel. I just "supported" her the whole time.
the goat in all her glory 
The Jt

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Concrete Sink

     Plastic cement and sand will make a nice sink if I channel my inner Rodin.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Foaming at the sink.

Not much to say, and I am on the verge of unconsciousness! Just continued from yesterday.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

That sinking feeling when...,

    There's that sinking feeling you get when you spend $20 on a tube of cement adhesive epoxy and then half way through the tube, it jams, runs out, clogs? Production halted, but from what I can see, the rebar I was able to epoxy in looks really sturdy. Even if I would have remembered to put sink rebar in while I was building, I doubt I'd have designed what I came up with if I was trying to wedge it between the rows as I went. I spaced out, I should have put in the skinny pvc pipes then epoxied the rebar into the pipes. Oops. But I am happy with what I did accomplish and I am on track to make a really cool hand made cement sink.

Rebar inserted into drill holes. 

Sink and countertop will be created with chicken wire, some foam and cement. 
Up here will be a place to hang the water for the sink.
Epoxy ran out!
Strong stuff, weak dispenser. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Monday Plaster exterior

   We basically completed exterior plaster today, and will move on to interior stucco next. There are a few spots that need patching, but it is mostly good. We can go back and fix both domes exterior plaster during the patio and walkway stage. It's time to get plastering so I can put the door on.

 But plaster was being difficult at first.
Giving the dome a back rub.
Wet Mix
 Gap filling
It all makes sense.
The birds use the dangling strands as nest insulation.
I thought my building skills were good. Touché, bird, touché.
This is my Country Western Album cover, called "Make Me Dome, Country Roads"
I am NOT a face - noooooo face here. NO! Noooooooo Not A FACE!
 The Lime stucco will applied to keep the rows visible,
so the view should look like this but cleaner.
 Boring grey! but it blends in with the goat... (not a face) 
Raquel is actually singing A Whole New World, from Alladin!
hear it!
 I am not a jealous dome.
I <3 you wheelbarrow 
Show that plaster who's boss
Yeah, it was that kind of a day. 
God Rays galore 
This homestead cabin is part of Showcase #1