Monday, December 16, 2019

Time Warp

Time Warp

Like I never left.

When I drag the generator out of the dome, it reminds me of when George pulls the time machine out of the temple to be reunited with Weena. (The Time Machine 1960)

I too have been traveling through time, just forward, and at the regular pace. Well, Time has passed but it feels like no time has passed at the dome, and it's time to move to the Next Phase. Some revelations have occurred, and some blocks have been surpassed.

 The Main dome must be painted, and cleaned. That can't occur until all the tools and trash are OUT of there. But if the Dome itself isn't the storage shed, then that's what needs to happen to complete the dome. A home depot shed is as expensive as it is unsightly, not to mention not very "domey", so I am building a small "hut" dome to house the generator and some tools. I believe the mixer can survive outside under a tarp. The first shed will be just big enough for the generator and the tools I can cram around it. I figure multiple small domes will be much easier to construct. Lets look at the pics. I got the hoses ready today and staged the shed dome, to be ready to pour the foundation tomorrow.

Lookin Good, Dome!

You can't tell how cold and windy it is!

Slab first, ask questions later!

If it's not load bearing or for occupancy I think this is enough reinforcement.

Just wait, it will look cool soon. Can you see it?

Got a little artsy, not intentional.

Some bag is starting to show. Yikes.

Its actually a lot roomier than it looks.