Thursday, December 22, 2016

Retroactive Solstice posting

Solstice was December 21st. The pics from this post were taken December 22nd, 1 year after the start of the build. But both days was cloudy so the sun lining up to the window will have to wait till next year.

The floor was wet from rain dripping through the porthole sunroof. I guess portholes aren't meant to be horizontal and facing down! I'll need to create a plexiglass storm window, no problem!  
The circle indicates the center of the small dome. The photo makes it look off center but that is just the lens and placement of the camera. 
Work stuff

The Goat shrouded in clouds.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Floor Pour

Another solo Sunday. After sanding and cleaning inside the small dome and the porthole windows, at Sunset I began to mix cement to pour the floor in the small dome. It took six batches mixed by hand to get decent coverage. By the time I was ready to trowel, my arms were so weak and fatigued that I could barely balance to do the work. I will have to do another layer. I will pour the big dome floor in sections to make it easier to work.

pond liner moisture barrier 

2 whellbarrow's worth of cement/sand mix (4:1.5)
after 4 barrows, barely covered
I need a cement mixer, bad! 
Just walk away!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Small Dome touch ups

In preparation to pour the floor in the small dome, I needed to make the stucco the best it could be. I smoothed some areas and patched some holes. I also got the materials for the floor, including rebar, pond liner, portland cement and bricks. I went back to Nader Khalili's book Emergency Sandbag Shelter and found some east tricks for leveling and dealing with sections to prevent cracking. Also I saw an AMAZING dragonfly this morning.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Stucco to the top!

Another solo stucco day yields much progress. 

An 8 ft ladder in a tiny car! 
After 6 months some of the jars fell out. They needed to be replaced and secured.
"Great stuff" is the name, but its just OK. 
Spray foam upside down? Easy.
Putting stucco in between the jars.
Close up of color jars
Love that JT
Another average sunset.
Super JT
Evil incarnate
Totally covered! 
Break time!
Out of the darkness...