Sunday, June 19, 2016

Solstice Countdown

With only 2 days until Summer Solstice, the exterior plaster is just about done (ish).
There is a solid protective layer on the whole dome, and while the final layer with the color and water protection are not here yet, I have enough to move on to the interior. When the dome is actually clean and ready for storage and is comfortable, I'll go back and finish the exterior to be as nice as the interior. 

We drove past the Double Eco-Dome to see their progress. The plaster they used looks amazing. It's the same color as the sand.
Cal-Earth's Double Eco-Dome design!
Desert Rose, dressed tall in rubber gloves and dirty clothes.

I didn't want to reveal my secret for plastering up high. Levitation.
Even hovering just half a foot above the ground really allows for good plaster placement.
Who did this, a mud dauber wasp?
So smooth! 
Damn kids and their graffiti! 
60 mph moonrise.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Covering the whole dome!

    After a season plastering the exterior, mostly 1 day a week, we have come to the end days of exterior plaster with only a few tiny spots remaining exposed. Remember, the dome was closed on Spring Equinox, the whole dome was started on Winter Solstice, and we aim to complete the exterior plaster (minus touch ups and paint) by Summer Solstice, to begin interior plaster and floors!

A look back at the plans/ concept art

The whole dome was covered last week!

This week we started on the entrance arch/ vault exterior plaster.
We crushed the first side pretty quick. 
A few spots of bag still show through!
A well deserved break during plastering.
The glare doesn't change the fact that its a good plastering job! 
New buddy!
Desert Ironclad Beetle
Felt like signing it!
Finally plastering the arch steps.
A ways to go, but a long way we've come!
Earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise - Rumi
Front step! Working on plans for a ramp too.
Pretty much ALL Raquel!
I mean, riight?!