Sunday, January 14, 2018

Entrance plaster complete

We did it! The dome interior plaster is complete. All that really remains as far as plaster goes is some plaster will be placed around the door frame, and also around the edge of the floor to cover the pond liner and act as molding. The window portholes need to be installed and the floor needs to be sanded and sealed. Maybe another top coat will be placed because it wasn't that smooth. The floor is solid, but not that smooth. There are self leveling finishing products out there. Its a large area to cover with a small trowel. There are also trowel extension handles out there I think. We gotta seal the floor, sand the plaster to remove crumbly bits. We might also put lime plaster on the main dome entrance which still has some exposed bag in the ceiling. Then we pour the patio, and the walkways (skateboard paths), maybe poor a driveway slab, and build the shower stall. It seems never ending. Well many more work days to come, many more days to enjoy the desert. Hopefully we can get the domes cleaned up and "livable" before we move on to the exterior landscaping.

Superadobe is where it's at.

Dry floor

It might sand smooth


Wise folk

Bee hives


Glorious Domes

Old Goat

Trimmed up liner

Fixing my mistakes

Plaster FIN

Dome looks cool in night light

Reptilin' stylin'

Monday, January 8, 2018

Floor Pour

Back to cement. We poured the floor slab after placing the pond liner. This liner will be a strong barrier from the constant moisture that stays just below the surface sand.

Winter Sky
First batch

"your methods are questionable, sir"

"Please don't drop the phone in the cement"

Don't hit me
No plumber's crack, you're welcome.

"Are you sure there was no plumber's crack?"

I have troweling experience. I trowel. I have troweled.

I am not good at troweling.

...and yet I trowel on.

The right mix sets up nice, even with apprentice level troweling skills.

A little "texture" is good, I tell myself.