Monday, March 28, 2016

You have to slap it before you tap it! Plastering begins

You have to bring it, before you FLING it! Plaster day was filled with ALL those silly rhymes. Its Spring 2016 and "lick it before you stick it" is the new "thats what she said" and "you're ____!"

Try it and see, I'm sure you'll agree. You gotta trix it before you MIX it!
Liquor is quicker but Plaster is Faster!
The babies! WS
The babies! MS
The babies! CU
Desert fly
Cactus Blossom
Flower power
Second layer of Earth Plaster on top of the dome.
Raquel crushed the base coat plastering between the rows!

The Jon 2000 Mix Master Deluxe is the best one out there!
Raquel and Jon are in the plaster groove for sure!
Plastering is really fun and pretty easy!
I can't believe how much progress was made in only a few hours!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Equinox - Full Circle

The footprint for the "Solstice" dome was drawn on December 22, 2015 winter solstice, which falls a day later in 2015 and Spring Solstice falls on March 20th a day earlier than usual. Today, synchronistically we closed the dome that we started on the first day of winter, Solstice. This dome has always been about (re) connecting to nature and the great mystery. Creating special magical details and allowing magic to happen in a magical place.

Start of the day, meshing up the whole.
Look Up, the dome is CLOSED!
All 3 eggs hatched!
Say man, you got a worm? It'd be a whole lot cooler if you did!
Cholla Cactus, helluva place to build a nest.
Status report, The dome has been foamed!
Closer look at the dome foam!
Art pic
Jon and Raquel gettin' their plaster on!
80/20 (%) Earth/Cement Plaster going on the foam.
Raquel seems pretty comfortable up there!
Ooh La La! Nice shirt, Abra Kanabra!
 First look at jars after plaster!
Foam sealed the top porthole.
 Small portholes for the pipe windows looking good!
 Oh Yeah! 
 Plastering is a new passion of Raquel's.
 Nice shot of the jar placement.
Chapel O' Love.
 Trash Treasure!
Look who's back! Piper, the Half Coyote!
Piper, the Half Coyote was hit by a car, but the driver took her to the hospital and adopted her. She likes (ed) to chase cars.
Jon does not need gloves for plastering, this time...
Sunset in Landers, ya know
Plastering the top!
Sunset time! Plastering the top.
Another view, plastering the top!
Dome by moonlight
Superadobe IS Love

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Glass Jar Skylight part 1

Great things generally get really messy and crazy before they get good, and amazing. The results may not be obvious, but all thing being what they are, I think we had a very successful day. Putting in the jar brick stained glass ceiling. 

Spring has sprung in the "desert"
Surprisingly symmetrical!

Center jar placed inside 3 arches of rebar

Superadobe "pillows" support the rebar arches, anchoring the dome jar skylight.

Not too shabby, good enough for rock & roll.

Jar brick require no cutting, and sharpie works best.

One of the eggs hatched and baby looked alive and well. Mamma is quite familiar with us and the pair of parents borrowed materials from our build for theirs. You  can plainly see Superadobe bag fiber to the left.

In progress jar dome.

Approaching critical mass.

The goal is to have them all facing toward the center, they mostly are.

That contraption Doc Brown wears on his head to read thoughts.

I actually think we're on track! Plaster will sandwich this while thing so the faces of the glass bottoms are mostly flush (with variances) with the plaster. The jars are different lengths so some will jut out like gems from a cave wall.