Thursday, May 25, 2017

Row 3 lil dome

We are out of the foundation and over the pond liner but the exterior pond liner will fold over the row flush with exterior ground level. That will be in about 3 or 4 rows.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Foundation rows complete on Baño Dome

I am so tired!

Awesome sunset, Thanks God Ross! 
Coyote Ugly 
THE Joshua Tree 
It was a good spot for a drink.

Lil Stinker
2nd row, foundation row, completed, less jelly roll!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Baño Dome Foundation Row

It has been a few weeks and I promised daily reports, but there was not much to see. I poured the floors in a few sections in the main dome, and I left a small cavity with rocks to put in a fun resin feature. Imagine a little lake in the middle of the floor. I still have not ordered the resin but have begun work on the bathroom dome. It is set down several feet, so digging the whole and getting it leveled by hand took a few days. I will be back t it, most days in 100 degree heat down in the hole.

I promise to do better and upload the days progress now that it should be basically a row a day.

Easier to pour the floor in sections, using corrugated plastic strips
Who knew masonry was so complicated  ;)
Epic creature sadly named stink bug. 
If there is a way not to splatter, I have not found it.
Nice place for a little pond. 
A clear resin will go in there with a few sea creatures.

Here we go again!
Sexy footprint
At this point I could just build a pond!
The desert changes you...
Back at it!
First batch of bag Earth from the mixer was jelly roll, too wet! Its not a big deal but not desirable. It took longer to be ready to tamp and puddled because of the liner. 
One ring to rule them all!
This guy...
A bit of perspective on there the bathroom dome is in relation to Solstice dome.
Superbloom goes from yellow to purple in Landers.

I will be posting every work day from now on. Stay tuned.