Monday, May 23, 2022

Dome Commode

 Well, the "road commode" toilet by Van Life on Etsy is in. Here's the link if you're curious:

I am pretty happy with it. It looks great inside the dome. Also I set up a temp outdoor shower handle. I'll be adding an actual propane heated hot water unit for night showers and cooler days, but with temps climbing well above 100 any day now, it may not be needed. also, considering there's almost 500 feet of pipe in the sand, that water is already going to be pretty warm. 

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Flurry of Activity!

       I must admit, I have not been working at the domes as often as I'd like, due to the fact that I have a house in 29 Palms that I've been taking care of. Each season presents new challenges. Mostly though, the domes were a creative outlet and a getaway from city life. But since I moved to the desert full time, that itch has been scratched daily at my place in 29 Palms. Also, and possibly more the reason, is I've been focusing on my Volunteer/Animal Rescue efforts including fostering small animals, transporting for local rescues, and volunteering and facilitating adoptions at the Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue, and other small animal rescues. The hub of all that activity is my website: and my YouTube channel of the same name. 


I raise awareness of animals in need and help their caregivers by creating videos and other materials. I've transitioned from the life of a visual effects artist in L.A. to whatever this conglomeration of YouTuber, educator, artist, and rescue volunteer is. It's been satisfying, but time consuming. Maybe ALL CONSUMING. BUT, after speaking with my Dome neighbor, and seeing the work she's been doing, including an outdoor shower, which I will show in the pictures below, I've been inspired to continue, and DARE I SAY, complete this project.

With 5 acres, I imagine I'll always want to build something new. The SuperAdobe technique allows for endless creativity, the means to actually build, and minimal impact to the surrounding landscape. So the new "snail shell dome" will become a small sleeping dome, as I've begun construction on a simpler, more modest and PRACTICAL outdoor shower. In fact, so much has been accomplished in such a short period of time, my motivation has been reignited, and I can actually SEE the finish line. 

So here are the bullet points about what's just been completed, you'll see this in the pictures:

            - NEW Outdoor Shower Slab and posts poured and constructed

            - Wood Pallet walls for outdoor shower attached to posts.

            - Relocation of waterline. 2 spigots added to dome site are.

            - Purchase (arriving soon) of Bano Dome Composting Toilet ( Van Life "Road Commode")

            - Re-inspired Builder, with plan to complete job. (Possibly most important factor)

                                                        So here's the latest photos:

Check out my neighbor's (way fancier)
Outdoor Shower
Built with "desert debris" and found materials