Monday, June 4, 2018

Let the Patio Begin!

     If I ever want to build a shed like structure to store the generator and some tools, I need a patio first. The shed will be something like a glorified dog house, big enough for the generator and tools, I am not sure the mixer needs more than just a place to keep it with a sturdy tarp over it. Again a nice patio area. I'll focus on surrounding the main dome and connecting the baƱo. Then I hope to eventually make a path to the car area, a bit of a car pad, and a path to the other end of the property, so you can skate on full moons. Yup that dream is still alive.

Corrugated plastic, leftover from guinea pig cage construction,  seriously.
Even, and level. enough for Rock & Roll! 
Plaster ninja, Mason wannabe. 
80% Earth (sand) / 20% evil empire 
Up The Irons!!!!   \m/  \m/ 

Raaaaaaqueeeeeel! Its stuuuuuuck! Heeeeeelp! Heeeeelp!
Doooooo something!!!!!   okay, I got it.
Now I am too spent to do anything :(

Thank God the hose busted as I was walking to shut off the water.
What a sweet little place this is shaping up to be,